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Thủy Tinh

Thủy Tinh


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I. Adjective


1. A popular, good looking student              2. A red cotton pullover     15. Big grey clouds

3. A new black car                                         4. A tall thin body                                         

5. A modern English style                            6. A beautiful white girl                   

7. Clear big sky                                              8. A small narrow street                              

9. A large brown wooden table                     10. A big fat white pig                                  

11. A lovely little old town                          12. Beautiful beautiful blonde blonde hair            

13. An exciting old Japanese story             14. A small red, black and yellow bird       


1. interested               2. exciting                  3. excited                               4. bored         

5. boring                     6. embarrassed           7. embarrassing                     8. amused      

9. amusing                  10. terrified               11. disappointed                    12. embrrassing

13. interested             14. exciting                15. terrifying-shocked

EX 3:

1. I am an English teacher                                                     2. She lives in a ten storey building

3. They made eight days journey to London                       4. He is a specialist at wooden house                     

5. My parents have bought my brother a ten speeds bicycle                        6. He’d like three twenty kilogram cans of beer

7. I knew a two tones person                                                            8. She has a 6 pieces set of chair

9. I’m looking for a seven quarters pressure cooker         10. I am a languages learner

EX 4:

1-L      2-I       3-g      4-c      5-k   6-O   7-h     8-j   9-b  10-a  11-f  12-n   13-m    14-d        15-e

EX 5:

1. A new telephone book                                          6. Her pretty black wool dress

2. Several very aesy English books                          7. Their children’s first two names

3. A very pretty green suit                                        8. These five new one-dollar bills

4. Some very old Spanish pictures                           9. A young American student

5. Those two blue silk dresses                                 10. Her daughter’s first two names


EX 1:

1. Daisy works best at night.                        11. She always cooks a mean in the evening.

2. He speaks English fluently.                     12. They usually book that August holiday in June.

3. He reads the passage slowly.                   13. He is probaly going to stay ovenight.

4. I can’t explain my feelings clearly                      14. Chocolate cakes are definitely the best.

5. She works at the village shop on Sundays         15. I have often tried to find.

6. She practises the violen here every evening     16. It is someotimes very difficult.

7. Put the milk in the frige at once                          17. I never feel cold in my house.  

8. They talked about the problem at lunchtime      18. We should always look where we’re going.

9. She broke the eggs carefully into the bowl        19. November is usually the clodest month.  

10. I don’t think Tom plays tennis very well          20. He has never had an illness in his life.                        

EX 2: 

1. The secretary never opens the mail before8 o’clock. 6. He doesn’t ever travel by plane.

2. He has a very bad cold in his chest today.         7. He never arrives at the meeting on time.         

3. We read the magazine eagerly every week.       8. She will turn the book to the library next week          

4. He always telephones me in the morning.        9. I saw John at the lecture last night.

5. He has worked at this store for three weeks.    10. She planted tulips in the garden yesterday.

EX 3:

1. He speaks English well.                                      2. I always have trouble in December.          

3. My parents have often told me this.                           4. Let us meet outside the cinema at two o’clock tomorrow.

5. He already knows what the punishment will be.          6. They will definitely accept your offer tomorrow.

7. I have almost made the same mistake again.       8. The musicain played that concerto beautifully. 

9. We will begin to study the use of prepositions in English today.

(Today we will begin to study the use of prepositions)

10. I have done that only once. (Only once have I have done)


EX 1:

1-B      2-A      3-C      4-B      5-C      6-C      7-D     8-B      9-A      10-C

EX 2:

1-as     2- more   3- as    4- more     5- as    6- more    7- more     8- than     9- than   10- less

EX 3: isn’t as tall as Bob                                          2. Ha Noi isn’t as large as Tokyo

3. Bill is not as intelligent as Jill                             4. Are you as old as your husband?

5. I don’t work as hard as you                                   6. Cats are not friendly dogs

7. The moon is not as hot as the sun                        8. Carol does not kook as young as you

9. Your homework is better than mine                    10. Nga does the test difficultly than he

11. An English book is cheaper than a dictionary 12. He used to behave better than now

13. My father is thinner than my uncle                   14. Viet Nam is smaller than the USA

15. I cook worse than my friend dooes                            16. HCM City to Ha Noi is longer than Hue to HN

17. London is not as hot as Cairo in July.

18. In London summer nights are much colder than those in Cairo.

19. A sprained wrist is not as serious as a broken leg.

20. AIDS is the most frightening illness one can imagine.

21. A cold is less serious than flu.

22. The older my father gets, the less he wants to travel.

23. My English teacher is the strictest (that) we have ever seen.

24. Nam can not play guitar as well as Linh.


1- easier                     2- more expensive                 3- larger                                 4- the most unuasual

5- the hardest                         6- more interesting               7- the most difficult              8- thinner      

9- worse                     10- the fastest                        11- the most expensive         12- slimmer than

13- the most relaxed      14- the best                            15- healthier than                  16- the worst            

17- colder                  18- farther                              19- happier                             20- the most difficult

21- the highest           22- the largest                       23- bigger      24- as soon    25- as well

EX 5:

1. The weather gets/is hotter and hotter.

2. The boy becomes more and more intelligent.

3. City of living is more intersting and exciting than country of living.

4. King Road is twice as long as Queen Road.

5. The sooner, the better.

6. Mary is the more beautiful of the two sisters.

7. Your watch is much more expensive than mine.

8.  Everst in the highest mountain in the world.

9. My grandfather is less and less quick.

10. English becomes more and more popular in Viet Nam.

11. The more he talks, the more I look at him

12. The less I talk him, the less I hate him.

13. The more she smiles, the more graceful she is.

14. The darker it gets, the colder it is.

15. He is more and more studious.




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