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Cách phát âm và bài tập phát âm trong tiếng anh.

ReadzoCách phát âm và bài tập phát âm trong tiếng anh.

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Thủy Tinh


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1. Rules of pronouncing the ending ‘S’

- Phát âm là /z/ khi đi sau các âm hữu thanh (voice consonants) : /b/, /d/, /g/, /v/, /đ/, /m/, /n/, /η/, / l/, /r/, /j/, /w/ + toàn bộ nguyên âm trừ /z/, /dʒ/, /ʒ/.

VD : bees, seasons, rivers, beds, bags, leaves .....

- Phát âm là /s/ sau các âm vô thanh (voiceless consonants) /p/, /t/, /k/, /f/, / θ/, /h/, trừ /s/, /t∫/, //.

VD: bats, cooks, maps, dates, books, lakes ….

- Phát âm là /iz/ sau các âm /z/, /dʒ/, /ʒ/, /s/, /t∫/, //.

VD: roses, colleges, catches, houses, classes, watches ……

* Note: những tính từ tận cùng là “s” được đọc là “s”

E.g.: famous, dangerous, numerous, humorous…

2. Rules of pronouncing the ending ‘ED’

- Phát âm là /t/ sau các âm vô thanh (voiceless sounds) (but t):  p, k, f, θ, s, t∫, h                                    

Ex:  stopped, missed, booked, laughed, washed, missed, watched……  

- Phát âm là /d/ khi đi sau các âm hữu thanh (voiced consonants) (but d):  b, g, v, z, m, n, l, r, j, w, đ, dʒ, ʒ, η:        

Ex: rained, managed, involved, opened, arrived, traveled, closed …

- Phát âm là /id/ sau các âm /t/, /d/:   

Ex:  wanted, decided, mended, studied, planted....

United, we stand, divided we fail

* Note: some adjectives ending with “ed” pronounced /id/

E.g.: naked, booked, crooked, learned … 

3. Phonetic symbols:

a. Monothongs:





/I/- / i: /


gift [gift]

Tim bit a bit of Kitty’s biscuit.


ease /i:z/

Steve keeps the cheese in the freezer.


/ʌ /-/ ɑ:/

/ʌ /

come [kʌm]

My mother’s brother is my uncle; my uncle’s son is my cousin.

/ ɑ:/

last [lɑ:st]

It’s hard to park a car in dark car park.




men [men]

It’s best to rest, said the vet to the pet


add [æd]

The fat cat sat on the man’s black hat.


/ɔ/- / ɔ:/


crop [krɔp]

John wants to watch Walter wash the dog.


score [skɔ:]

Laura’s daughter bought a horse and called in Laura.


/u /- /u:/


pull [pul]

That cook couldn’t cook because he didn’t look at a cookbook.


tomb [tu:m]

Sue knew too few new tunes on the flute.


/ə/-/ /


consumption [kən sʌmp∫n]

I ate an apple and a banana in a cinema in Canada.


shirt [∫ə:t]

The girl heard the nurse work.


b. Diphthongs:








cave /keiv/

The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.


site [sait]

Nile crocodiles have the widest smile.


destroy [di strɔi]

Roy enjoys noisy toys.




robe [rəub]


Rose knows Joe phones Sophie, but Sophie and Joe don’t know Rose knows.


mouse [maus]

Mrs Brown counted cows coming down the mountain.





rare [reə(r)]

Sarah and Mary share their pears fairly.


tour [tuə(r)]

The tourists are securely assured.


clear [kliə(r)]

The mere reindeer here nearly disappears


c. Consonant:





/b/- /p/


butter [ bʌtə(r)]

Bernie brought a big breakfast back to bed.


powerful [ pauəfl]

Pat put purple paint in the pool.


/d/- /t/


detective [di tektiv]

David’s daughter didn’t dance but David’s dad did.


taste [teist]

Betty bought a tub of butter.


/s/- /z/


survive [sə vaiv]

It’s six or seven years since Sydney’s sister sang that song.


zoo [zu:]

Zebra in zoos are like dolphin in pools.




figure [ figə]

Frank found four frogs laughing on the floor.


advice [əd vais]

Vera drove to Venice in a van.




glorious [ glɔ:riəs]

Grandma gave the guests eggs and frog’s legs.


category [ kætigəri]

The king cooked the carrots and the queen cut the cake.



/ θ/

method [ meθəd]

Martha Smith’s an author and an athlete.


weather [ weđə]

My father and mother live together with my other brothers.


/ʒ/- //


decision [di siʒn]

It’s his pleasure to visit Asia.


nation [ nei∫n]

Sharon shouldn’t wash her shoes in the shower.




charity [ t∫æriti]

Which child put chalk on the teacher’s chair.


generally [ dʒenərəli]

Ginger split orange juice on George’s jacket.


/m/-/n/-/η /


mutual [ mju:tjuəl]

Mum made me move my models.


alternative [ɔ:l tə:nətiv]

There was no one on the moon on the ninth of June.

/η /

sing [siη]

Young King Kong was strong.


/l/-/r/- /h/


release [ri li:s]

Clara’s really clever but Lilly’s a little silly.


represent [,repri zent]

The rabbit race right around the ring.


house [haus]

Harry had a bit of helping hitch-hikers.


/w/- /j/


swim [swim]

Wendy went away twice a week


view [vju:]

We didn’t use euros in Europe a few years ago.
















Practice Exercises:

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others

1. A. heat

B. scream

C. meat 

D. dead

2. A. tease

B. beat 

C. break 

D. weak 

3. A. ocean

B. cooker 

C. vacation 

D. candy

4. A. ordinary

B. pollution 

C. doctor

D. alcohol

5. A. earth

B. threaten 

C. spread 

D. weather 

6. A. laughs

B. looks 

C. lends 

D. stops

7. A. continue

B. additional 

C. territories 

D. primary

8. A. gather

B. there 

C. although

D. ethnic

9. A. fun

B. public 

C. reputation 

D. until 

10. A. label

B. advance 

C. sale 

D. fade 

11. A. compulsory

B. mosque 

C. modern 

D. consist 

12. A. care

B. share 

C. are 

D. nightmare

13. A. boil

B. trolley 

C. boy 

D. oil 

14. A. still

B. night 

C. Friday

D. life 

15. A. bake

B. baby

C. tap 

D. take 

16. A. wanted

B. naked 

C. divided 

D. opened

17. A. smiled

B. worked 

C. picked 

D. jumped 

18. A. gym

B. game 

C. gone 

D. gather 

19. A. garment

B. hardship 

C. carry 

D. garlic 

20. A. cheer

B. chemist  

C. check 

D. chat                                                                           

21. A. missed

B. failed

C. coughed

D. jumped

22. A. plan

B. romantic

C. majority

D. marriage

23. A. dates

B. halves  

C. speeds

D. countries

24. A. trust

B. culture 

C. husband 

D. curtain 

25. A. law

B. sport 

C. country

D. thought 

26. A. needed

B. waited 

C. pointed

D. considered

27. A. signal

B. raise 

C. whistle 

D. instance

28. A. decision

B. situation

C. attention

D. qualification

29. A. case

B. course

C. close

D. practise   

30. A. chaos

B. chief    

C. check 

D. achieve   

31. A. consist

B. consume 

C. conclude 

D. concept 

32. A. painted

B. burned   

C. assured   

D. involved  

33. A. refuse

B. accuse   

C. subject   

D. future  

34. A. future

B. endure 

C. failure 

D. burden 

35. A. period

B. office 

C. modern 

D. holiday 

36. A. without

B. resident 

C. micro 

D. conflict

37. A. enrich

B. science 

C. enable 

D. encourage

38. A. echo

B. chores

C. chemist 

D. Christmas 

39. A. touch

B. country 

C. profound 

D. encourage  

40. A. foot

B. poor   

C. good   

D. neighborhood  

41. A. effects

B. letters  

C. persons  

D. friends  

42. A. secrets

B. partners

C. problems

D. employees

43. A. missed

B. failed

C. coughed

D. jumped

44. A. dates

B. halves  

C. speeds

D. countries

45. A. ways

B. pictures

C. questions

D. airports

46. A. needed

B. waited 

C. pointed

D. considered

47. A. reduced

B. stopped   

C. shifted

D. introduced  

48.A. repaired

B. laughed

C. developed

D. kissed

49 A. worked

B. repaired

C. lacked

D. picked

50 A. dips

B. lives

C. digests

D. thanks



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