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Thủy Tinh


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I.Objective: By the end of the lesson Ss will be able to know more about education system in Vietnam as well as in the world

II. Procedure

Ex 1: Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer.

University Entrance Examination is very important in Vietnamese students. High school graduates have to take it and get high results to be admitted to universities. The pressure on the candidates remains very high despite the measures that have been taken to reduce the heat around these exams, since securing a place in a state university is considered a major step towards a successful career for young people, especially those from rural areas or disadvantaged families. In the year 2004, it was estimated that nearly 1 million Vietnamese students took the University Entrance Examination, but on average only 1 out of 5 candidates succeeded. Normally, candidates take 3 exam subjects, and each lasts; 180 minutes for the fixed group of subjects they choose. There are 4 fixed groups of subjects: Group A: Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry; Group B: Mathematics, Biology, and Chemistry; Group C: Literature, History, and Geography; Group D: Literature, Foreign Language, and Mathematics.

In addition to universities, there are community colleges, art and technology institutes; professional secondary schools, and vocational schools which offer degrees or certificates from a-few-month to 2-year courses. According to Vietnam s Ministry of Education and Training, there are currently 23 non-public universities, accounting for 11% of the total number of universities. These non-public universities are currently training 119,464 students, or 11.7% of the total number of students. The government is planning to increase the number of non-public universities to 30% by 2007.

1. University Entrance Examination in Vietnamese is very _______.

a. interesting                      b. stressful                    c. free                           d. easy

2. The word those refers to _______.

a. exam subjects     b. young people            c. universities       d. examinations

3. In 2004, the proportion of the students who got success in University Entrance Examination was about_____ percent.

a. 5                                                b. 10                            c. 20                            d. 50

4. Which sentence refers to the University Entrance Examination in Vietnam?

a. Students find it easy to get success in the University Entrance Examination.

b. Math is compulsory in the University Entrance Examination.

c. Students are not allowed to choose their exam subjects.

d. There are four fixed groups of exam subjects for students to choose.

5. According to the passage, _______.

a. the Vietnamese government will close all non-public universities by next year.

b. the Vietnamese government does not appreciate non-public universities

c. the Vietnamese government encourages the establishing of non-public universities.

d. Vietnamese students have no alternative to continue their higher study besides universities.

Ex 2: Fill in each numbered blank with one suitable word or phrase.

The University of Oxford, informally called "Oxford University", or simply

"Oxford", (1) ______ in the city of Oxford, in England, is (2) ______ oldest university in the English-speaking world. It is also considered as one of the world s leading (3) ______ institutions. The university traces, its roots back to at least the end of the 11th century, (4) ______ the exact date of foundation remains unclear. Academically, Oxford is consistently ranked in the world s top ten universities. The University is also open (5) ______ overseas students, primarily from American universities, who may (6) _____ in study abroad programs during the summer months for more than a century, it has served as the home of the Rhodes Scholarship, (7) ______ brings highly accomplished students from a number of countries to study at Oxford as (8) ______ The University of Oxford is also a place where many talented leaders from all over the world used to study. Twenty-five British Prime Ministers attended Oxford, including Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair. At (9) ______ 25 other international leaders have been educated at Oxford, and this number includes King Harald V of Norway and King Abdullah II of Jordan. Bill Clinton is the first American President to attend Oxford. Forty-seven Nobel (10) __ winners have studied or taught at Oxford.

1.      a. put                                  b. placed                      c. located                                 d. stood

2.      a. a                                     b. an                             c. the                                        d. Ø

3.      a. learning                           b. academic                  c. graduating                             d. scholar

4.      a. although              b. because                    c. since                                     d. if

5.      a. to                                   b. for                            c. from                                     d. up

6.      a. write                               b. name                        c. enroll                                    d. require

7.      a. that                                 b. where                       c. whose                                   d. which

8.      a. postgraduates                 b. postgraduated           c. postgraduation                      d. postgraduating

9.      a. last                                 b. least                          c. late                                      d. lately

10.  a. present                           b. gift                            c. medal                                   d. prize

Ex 3: Fill in each numbered blank with one suitable word or phrase.

Here s some advice for trying to find the university that works for you.

1. You need to examine (1) _____ and your reasons for going to university before you start your search. Why are you going? What are your abilities and strengths? What are your weaknesses? What do you want out of life? Are you socially self-sufficient (2) _____ do you need warm, familial (3) _____? Talk with your family, friends and high-school counselors as you ask these questions. The people (4) _____ know you best can help you the most with these important issues.

2. Very few high-school students have enough information or (5) _____ to choose a major. You need to be well (6) _____ to determine your interest and aptitude. Many students (7) _____ their minds two or three times before they settle on a major.

3. If you do not have to go to university right (8) _____ it is never too late. There is no such thing as the perfect time to start university. Some students benefit from a year off to work, study or travel, and these experiences (9) _____ them to be better, more engaged students. Some students choose to apply to university and gain admission and then defer their entrance, while others wait to apply until after they have had (10) _____ alternative experience.

1.      a. you                                 b. your                         c. yours                        d. yourself

2.      a. or                                   b. but                           c. nor                           d. either

3.      a. support                           b. bringing                    c. feeding                      d. growth

4.      a. which                              b. whom                       c. who                          d. whose

5.      a. expenditure                     b. experience                c. experiment                d. expert

6.      a. prepare                           b. prepared                  c. preparation               d. preparative

7.      a. transform                        b. translate                    c. change                      d. convert

8.      a. for                                  b. up                            c. over                          d. away

9.      a. allow                              b. make                        c. let                             d. advise

10.  a. a                                     b. an                             c. the                            d. Ø

III.  Keys

Ex 1:    1. b                  2. b.                 3.c                   4.d                   5.c

Ex 2 :











Ex 3:











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