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Relative clause - Mệnh đề quan hệ, bài tập và cách dùng.

ReadzoRelative clause - Mệnh đề quan hệ, bài tập và cách dùng.

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Relative clause


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 Teaching date:                                                   Class: 11B


Exercise 1. Choose the correct relative pronoun ( who, which, whose) to complete the following sentences.

1. This is the photo ____________ was taken yesterday.

2. The boy ________________sister is in my class can speak Japanese and Korean languages.

3. The teacher ____________is teaching nest door has just moved to our neighborhood.

4. He wore a hat _______________made him look like a cowboy

5. He came with an old man ________________waited outside in the school.

6. The gentleman ________________gave him the picture was his old teacher.

7. The bottle _____________contained the chemical was blue.

8. We should wait at the traffic lights ____________are red.

9. That is the museum _____________foreign tourists like very much,

10. The dictionary _______________is on the table belongs to long.

 Exercise 2. 

a. First, match the words on the with the descriptions on the right.




1. Night

a. You can borrow books in this building.

2. Sparing

b. This insect has colorful wings.

3. colleague

c. This man serve drinks and food in a restaurant.

4. Library

d. At this time of a day it is dark outside.

5. friendship

e. This person builds houses

6. synonym

f. You can look up words in another language in this book.

7. waiter

g. In this season of the year plants begin to grow.

8. butterfly

h. This word has the same meaning as another word

9. dictionary

i. This relationship exists between friends.

10. bricklayer

J. This person has the same job or profession as you.


b. Write definitions for the words on the left.

1. A night is the time of a day when it is dark outside.



10. ....................................................................................

Exercise 3. Combine the sentences using relative clauses without relative pronouns (contact clauses ).

1. They hired  a car last week. The car was rather old.

The car they hired last week was rather old

2. The lady is a doctor. We met her at the hospital.

The lady____________________________________________________

3. The magazines are on the table. The teacher gave us the other week.

The magazines_______________________________________________

4. We watched a film last night. It was really moving.

The film____________________________________________________

5. I have to do the assignment. It is very difficult.

The assignment______________________________________________

6. The city seems to be quiet. You told me about the city.

The city____________________________________________________

7. The shirts are too big. My sister bought them for me.

The shirts___________________________________________________

8.We ate chicken yesterday. It was cooked by my sister - in - law.

The chicken

9. Loan is helping a foreigner. The foreigner is from the USA.

The foreigner_________________________________________________

10. The letter is very nice. My friend from Ho Chi Minh sent me yesterday.

The letter_____________________________

Exercise 1. Choose the most suitable phrases from the box to complete the following sentences.



1. The success of shared holidays depends on

2. There are two persons

3. The story to

4. The woman about whom

5. The film a bout which

6. I will give you the address

7. That was a kind of car with

a. whom you share it with

b. I am telling you teaches me French

c. to which you could write

d. which I was not familiar

e. they are tallying is fantastic

f. Which I listened yesterday was interesting

g. To whom we owe more than we can say


1. a                       2. g                       3. f                        4. b

5. e                       6. c                       7. d


Exercise 2. Complete the following sentences with who, whom, that, which, whose, of no pronoun.

1. More end  more people are rejecting food ________________do not come from local producers.

2. Working on the internet from home is a possibility _______________many people are exploring.

3. Many people ________________moved from the country are now returning to the city.

4. The young are returning to traditional beliefs _____________ their parents rejected.

5. Parents _________ children are in college are working longer hours to pay their tuition.

6. Natural remedies are something______________ more people


1. that/ which                          2. that/ which/ no pronoun

3. who                                     4. that/ which/ no pronoun

5. whose                                  6. that/ which/ no pronoun

 Exercise 3. Fill in each space with a correct relative pronoun. Use prepositions if is necessary.

1. Tom tried on three jackets, none _________ fitted him.

2. This is, Brown, _____________ I have told you.

3. The music _________ we listened last night was good.

4. There is one person _______________ I owe more than I can say.

5. Jane was late yesterday, ______________ was unusual for her.

6. Mark Twain is the author _____________ books I like best.

7. That is the restaurant ___________ we usually have dinner,

8. It was the kind of accident __________ nobody was really to blame.

9. Thirty people, three __________ were the members of the crew, were killed in the place crash.

10. This is Julia, ___________ I share this flat.


1. of which                               2. about whom

3. to which                               4. to whom

5. which                                   6. whose

7. where/ in which                             8. for which

9. of whom                               10. with whom

Ex 1: Choose the correct ANSWER OR ANSWERS for each of the following sentences.

1.       Mike told me about students __________ have just got scholarship.

A. who                  B. Whom              C. which               D. that

2.       The secretary _____________I talked to didn t know where the meeting was

A. which               B. Whom              C. that                   D. Æ

3.       You need to talk to a person ________ you can trust. You will feel better if you do.

A. whose               B. Which              C. whom               D. Æ

4.       Tom is the kind of person to _________ you can talk about anything.

A. who                  B. Whom              C. that                   D. him

5.       He is a person ____________ friends trust him.

A. who                  B. his                    C. that                   D. whose

6.       I m looking for an electric can opener _________ also can sharpen knives.

A. who                  B. Which              C. that                   D. Æ

7.       People ________ live in glass houses shouldn t throw stones.

A. who                  B. Whom              C. which               D. Æ

8.       The problems __________ Johnny has seem insurmountable.

A. what                 B. he                     C. that                   D. Æ

9.       Julia is trustworthy. She s a person upon _______ you can always depend.

A. who                  B. whom               C. that                   D. Æ

10.     People ___________ outlook on life is optimistic are usually happy people.

A. whose               B. whom               C. that                   D. which


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