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Relative clause - Mệnh đề quan hệ!

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Exercise: Read the following passage and then do the exercises on it. In answers to questions, use

a relative clause.


Lucy was shaking the mat out of the window of the flat. Tom happened to be passing underneath. Suddenly Lucy s baby gave a cry and she dropped the mat. It fell on Tom and knocked his hat off.                                                      

           (a) What mat are we talking about?
                The mat that/which Lucy dropped or

                The mat that Lucy dropped or                               
                The mat that fell on Tom s head.

           (b) Who was Tom?

                The man who was passing underneath or                     
                The man (that/whom) the mat fell on or                     
               The man whose hat was knocked off.                        

1 Mr Black usually catches the 8.10 train. This is a fast train. Today he missed it. This annoyed him very much. He caught the 8.40. This is a slow train and doesn t reach London till 9.40. Mr White usually travels up with Mr Black. Today he caught the 8.10 as usual. Mr White normally borrows Mr Black s paper to read on the train.

   As Mr Black was not there today he borrowed a paper from another passenger,

   Mr Brown.
(a) What is the 8.10?

(b) What is the 8.40?                                           
   (c) Who is Mr White?                                        
   (d) Who is Mr Brown? {Connect him with Mr White.)           


Combine the following pairs of sentences into one sentence (one for each pair) using relative pronouns:
(e) Mr Black usually catches the 8.10. This is a fast train.
(f) Today he missed the 8.10. This annoyed him very much.
(g) He caught the 8.40. This doesn t get in till 9.40.

2 Mr Penn has two umbrellas, a brown one and a black one. Today he took the black one but left it in the bus on his way to work. When he was putting on his coat after his day s work, he saw a dark blue umbrella hanging on the next hook and took it, thinking it was his. Actually it belonged to Mr Count.
(a) What was the brown umbrella?
(b) What was the black umbrella?
(c) What was the blue umbrella?
(d) Who was Mr Count? (Relate all your answers to Mr Penn.)

3 Jack and Tom both wanted to go to Malta for their holidays. Tom liked flying so he went to the Blue Skies Agency. They booked him a seat on a tourist flight. Jack hated flying. He went to the Blue Seas Agency. They booked him a berth on the MS Banana. Jack enjoyed his voyage on the MS Banana, especially as he met a very pretty girl on board. She was called Julia.

   (a) What is Malta? (from the point of view of Jack and Tom)
(b) What is the Blue Skies Agency?
   (c) What is the Blue Seas Agency?
   (d) What is the MS Banana?

(e) Who is Julia? (Relate all your answers to Jack or Tom or both.

(f) Combine the second and third sentences in the passage into one sentence

     (Tom . . . flight).
(g) Combine the next three sentences into one sentence.

4 George and Paul were working on Mr Jones s roof. When they stopped work at 6.00 they left their ladder leaning against the house. At 7.00 Bill, a burglar, passed and saw the ladder. The house was now empty as Mr and Mrs Jones were out playing cards with
Mr and Mrs Smith. Bill climbed up the ladder, got in through a first-floor window and went straight to the main bedroom, where he opened a locked drawer with the help of a screwdriver and pocketed Mrs Jones s jewellery. Just then Tom returned. Tom was a student. He lodged with Mr and Mrs Jones. Bill heard him coming. He climbed quickly out of the window, leaving his screwdriver on the floor.
(a) Who were George and Paul?
(b) Who was Bill?
(c) Who was Tom?

   (d) Who was Mrs Jones? (Mention jewellery.)
(e) Who were Mr and Mrs Smith?
   (f) What ladder are we talking about?
   (g) What window are we talking about?

   (h) What was the screwdriver found on the floor? (Connect it with Bill.)
(i) Combine into one sentence:                                 

   George and Paul were working on the roof. They left the ladder leaning against

   the house.
   (j) Combine: Mr and Mrs Jones were out playing cards. They knew nothing of the  

   burglary till they arrived home at 11.30.
  (k) Combine: Bill s fingerprints were on the screwdriver. He was later caught by the 


5 Ann is an au pair girl. She works for Mr and Mrs Green, in Tunbridge Wells. One day Mrs Green unexpectedly gave Ann the day off. (She thought that Ann was looking rather tired.) So Ann rang up her boyfriend, Tom, and said I m coming up to London by
the 12.10 from Tunbridge Wells. It gets into Charing Cross at 13.10. Could you meet me for lunch?

Yes, of course, said Tom, I ll meet you at the station under the clock. We ll have lunch at the Intrepid Fox. Tom usually goes to the Intrepid Fox for lunch.

On the 12.10 Ann met a boy called Peter. Peter was attracted by Ann and asked her to have lunch with him. Ann explained that she was having lunch with Tom. Well, I ll wait till he turns up, said Peter. So Peter and Ann waited under a clock, with another passenger, Mary, who had come up to meet a boy called Paul.

Meanwhile Tom was waiting under another clock. When Ann didn t turn up he thought she d missed the train, and asked a porter about the next train from Tunbridge Wells. The next train leaves Tunbridge Wells at 12.30, he said, and gets in at 13.40. The next one gets in at 14.30. Tom met the 12.30 but Ann wasn t on it. He couldn t meet the next train because he had to be back at work by 14.00. So he walked slowly towards the exit, wondering what had happened. Luckily the exit was almost directly under the other clock
so he met Ann after all.
(a) Who are the Greens?

(b) What was the 12.10 from Tunbridge Wells?
(c) What was the 12.30? (Connect it with Tom.)
(d) Who was Peter? (Connect him with Ann.)
Who was Paul?

(f) What is the Intrepid Fox? (Connect it with Tom.)
(g) Combine: Mrs Green thought Ann looked tired. She gave her the day off.
(h) Combine: Peter hated eating by himself. He hoped to have lunch with Ann.
(i) Combine: Tom had only an hour for lunch. He couldn t wait any longer.

(j) Combine: Mary s boyfriend didn t turn up. She ended by having lunch with Peter.




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