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Mộc Hoan

Mộc Hoan


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 My close friend is a girl. Her name is Dang Ngoc Bao Chi. .She is fifteen years old.    She is a good student. Chi and I are learning Nguyen Trai high school. We have known each other when we were five years old. She tall , abit thin, but strong, and intelligent. Chi has got  an oval face, a straight nose, a wide forehead, black eyes and long black hair. Her skin is white pink. She likes reading book and listening to music. Chi is very friendly, helpful and generous. She has a lot of good advice about life .We always help each other in our lives and in our learning. We  will try to keep this friendship!

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As you know, english is the most popular. It is international language. Many people in the world use English language to communicate and understand one another. English is very useful in our life and our work. If you know English You will find work easily and widen knowledge by read book and watching program on TV in English .

So today English is very important, especially in VN education. The english language is taught in almost learning level and so it’s one of the most important subject at school and university as well.

For me, I very like English and I want to my widen knowledge so I am trying study this language.

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